the book

the smooth guide to travel drawing, um suave guia para o desenho em viagem, foreword by stefan zinell and texts by clive dilnot, susana oliveira and eduardo corte-real





7 Replies to “the book”

  1. Hi!

    Since the author and publisher are Portuguese, I wonder in what shops can I find this book?
    I searched some and find nothing.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Dear Duarte,
      Normally you can find it at FNAC and “Ler Devagar”at LX Factory.. Since it is charted on line at Bertrand’s website I guess you can find it there also. You can buy it online at “wook”.
      Thanks for your interest.

  2. Hi,
    Looks like a fascinating book!
    I went to go purchase it online at Wook and Betrand’s and seems they both do not ship to the United states.
    Is there a place I can purchase to have it shipped to the USA?



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