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swiss tour, the last one

When I attended the Cumulus Zurich Conference one of the lecturerers asked the pertinent question: Is Switzerland a hole or an island in the EU? Yes what is this multiple country on the top of the giant wrinkles caused by a giant boot trying to dress all Europe?

An island or a hole, little by little no. from each border you prolong the language and the euro is accepted everywhere. Switzerland is Schengen Space so we Europeans don’t have to show our passports.

Unfortunately the EU didn’t copied the Swiss democratic values and is getting more and more centralized. If Switzerland had an Ocean it would be as Europe would like to be.

For our children (three teens and a 9 year old) the top was Grindelwald and the Alps. For the first time in many years we stayed all in the same room in a youth hostel higher than the village, very demanding on climbing to get there. Yet they did the way joyfully whereas here they complain about walking for 100 meters.

Eating lunch bought in the Supermarket was also a highlight, apart from ridding the First Flyer  and the largest summer toboggan (which I also did).

For us Switzerland was a open experience marked by the marvelous idea of having the trains running on time.

Somehow it looks sometimes like Japan. The same reverence for traditions mixed with the highest-tech constructions and stuff, and a very polite people (thank God speaking French, Italian or English).

Challenging for the drawing traveller. Giant scenery, delicate intricate buildings and unfortunately our rushing from place to place program.

Finally, we had the cheese fondue. Nice touch if you put some ground pepper in the plate. But that was in Grindelwald. Here in Basel we had a wonderful fusion (oriental)meal in a terrace without rain.




swiss tour – 38

the clock in bern. everything start moving every hour. einstein was evidently inspired by this multiple velocities clock.

bern is a jewel with jewel like chocolates, beers (albertus), fountains, jewel like trams smoothly gliding in the streets, jewel like bric-a-brac shops and a jewel like curve in the river.

the clock! bern, june 2009
the clock! bern, june 2009

swiss tour – 36

paul klee centrum, bern, june 2009
paul klee centrum, bern, june 2009

the paul klee centrum is almost outside town. you can take a bus right from the train station in bern (the city of bears). the building imitates smooth hills and is being already gently invade by nature. klee and enstein are connected to bern as many other bear loving people. we met a very nice brazilian old lady working at the museum. she was very helpful and enthusiastic about meeting portuguese from portugal! the exhibition about the middle east, north of africa and its influence on klee’s work was outstanding. beatriz , as usual, kept drawing scenes from the pirates of the caribbean and for once she got vaguely near to some of the works exhibited. very good and not so expensive restaurant. i had the nerve to ask for zwei expressen bitte…

swiss tour – 35

outside art basel, messe platz, basel, june 2009
outside art basel, messe platz, basel, june 2009

the most important art fair in the world. countless galleries and institutional representations. after vangogh tormented live it was very refreshing. the sensation of dispersion confusion astonishment  pointlessness wonder and weariness gives credit to the title “unlimited”. funny the people playing giant chess in the square. while i was making this drawing an old gentleman with an apparent psychological problem wiped out another less old gentleman appearing to act normally.