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vicenza, 1996 – 3

the "loggia del capitaniato" from the basilica
the "loggia del capitaniato" from the basilica

this building shows Palladio’s architectural sense of humor in the his late career compared with the strictnessof the basilica. The use of the gigantic order is a quotation from michelangelo’s senatorial buildings in rome. with only three arches the building is has a funny dignity.

vicenza, 1996 -1

In Vicenza, there is a transparency that I relate to Palladio’s work. The basilica is a perfect example of neo-Platonist architecture. Drawing it around is like drawing perfect ideas. In little things it adjusts to reality with adaptations of geometry to real dimensions that never compromise the crystalline mental design.

vicenza, 1996
around the palladian basilica, 1996