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eyetracking experiment

This is one of a series of experiments conducted at unidcom iade with the assistance of vítor simões. the eye-tracking machine is very hard to calibrate and the results are somewhat puzzling. the first part of the drawing was made by memory representing the view from the window. then I started to draw what was on the screen and even vítor’s profile inside the screen. note that it seems that my eyes look as if were focused a little bit up from the place where the pen is moving. We attributed this to the fact that, probably, I’m looking to a broader area in order to relate what I’m doing to what I have already done but what is more probable is the fact that the machine was calibrated for a virtual surface between the screen and the paper. the intersection of that surface with the lines of visual cone would give higher points in the paper and lower points  in the observed thing (the screen). As shown in the scheme up.