Lisboa portugal quarantine 2020

Views of Confinement XII

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The palace South of our building was donated long time a go to a religious order for the purpose of being a nursing home. Since 2002, at least, a great part of the palace was not used. In the other end, in the main front garden, a modern building was built and that is where a women-only nursing home is operating. Recently, the whole building went through a extensive and complete renovation in order to triple the nursing home’s capacity, starting to accommodate men and even couples. And it stayed like that for a year or so, empty, waiting to be equipped and furbished… And now, like the white building in the front, stands as an empty green and crème carcass. A haunted monument to nursing homes and their sad leading role in this crisis.

By eduardocortereal

eduardo corte-real is the author of "The Smooth Blog to Travel Drawing". He teaches Drawing at IADE - Universidade Europeia, Lisbon

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