Athens Greece

Athens XII

atenas2020 13-cópia

It seems that our trip to Greece in early February this year will stay as our last trip for a while. Seeing these sketches again gives me a sense of gratitude and… luck.

Our university classes are all being held online, now. It is quite a challenge, and it was a lot of work to put everything marching on. The students have been spectacular, attending and working. Posting on this blog has been “post-poned”.

But now, as things are on their way, back to Greece! Let’s have a look outside. Here’s the view from our little hotel, Neratzia Rooms, (fabulous breakfasts!) 20 min. walk to the Acropolis.


By eduardocortereal

eduardo corte-real is the author of "The Smooth Blog to Travel Drawing". He teaches Drawing at IADE - Universidade Europeia, Lisbon

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