Eusébio 1942 – 2014

I only remember a depressing Eusebio playing in the 70’s. A shadow of his glory. But by seeing over and over videos of his achievements, I see such velocity technique and precision that only contemporary players such as Ronaldo, Cristiano and Messi, can match. Di Stefano and Pele were from another style, a dancing style near to tango or waltz. Eusebio was in a hurry.

We tend to see only the goals. the one against Brazil where he cames from out of the picture to meet the ball at supersonic speed. But we seldom see his run from Portugal mid-field to Korea’s box where he suffers two illegal tackles… For eternity will stay his applause when the Manchester goal keeper saved an impossible ball almost in the end of the game that would give the third european champions cup to Benfica…


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