ccb suroundings

Near to CCB stands the magnificent jeronimos monastery. The church and cloister are from the 1500’s. From the church’s western entrance there is an endless aisle, built on the 19th century. It holds a museum of archaeology (very interesting) and the Maritime Museum with a Planetarium. This museum holds an extraordinary collection of models and objects related with the Portuguese expansion. unfortunately the building is not as iconic as it should be regarding Portugal’s past. On the east end of Belem monumental area, millions of euros are being now spent in a new building for the carriages museum…

The maritime museum snack bar is expensive and lousy. It is advisable for the tourist to walk ten minutes towards West to Jardim da Princesa square  and look for the Goan restaurant nearby.

after lunch in beholding the maritime museum
after lunch beholding the maritime museum

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