fuzeta&moncarapacho 7

in low tide, the Ria reveals itself. hours ago a beautiful water surface, now a muddy farm for several beasts. Some of the best oysters in the world are grown here. Clams of different kinds. One of them is lingueirão. A long knife blade looking shell with an animal that looks like a white asparagus. To catch it you have to spot something that looks like an old-fashioned key-hole in the brownish sand. then, without projecting a shadow over it, your pour a little salt over the hole. The lingueirão will foolishly belive that the tide is coming up and will project a tong-like extremity to probe. Then you must grab it hardly below the surface and pull it out. I must confess that I don’t like this struggle of life and dead. A beast holding a PhD in visual communication bended over, against a brainless piece of maritime flesh the size of an asparagus… Yet, think about the aftermath, with rice, bell peppers, garlic and olive oil… Luckily, children are very kin to learn how to do it and go through the thrill and suspense of putting an end to the poor existence of such odd creatures. I could relax and sketch. my skills of linguerão terminator were not required. This time the hunting ended with no victims. The revenge had to happen in a restaurant a few days later.

hunting linguerão

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