moncarapacho and fuseta

moncarapacho is still an agricultural little town whereas fuseta is a fishing community. we go there in the holidays. Stay in Moncarapacho and go to the beach at Fuseta. You get the best from two worlds relatively unspoiled by mass tourism. Between Fuseta and the sea island of Armona lies the Lagoon system called Ria Formosa (beautiful female river, literally translated). By reading “The Algarve Fish Book, A Culinary Guide to Southern Portugal” by Nico Böer and Siebert; Edition Marisol 2005 I learned a lot about the Ria. First, it was formed after the 1755 tsunami, second it is the most important maternity for seafood in Europe. It is estimated that when you catch a fish in the Northern Atlantic there are 80% possibilities that it was born in Ria Formosa. Apart from this incredibly important role, Ria, in the high tide, is one of the most beautiful landscapes you can enjoy in Europe.

ria and cerro de s. miguel seen from armona island

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