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london may 2012 -11, share conference elia


discussion group with Sandra Lange, Marc Monjou, Gertrude Sandqvist


london may 2012


Klaus Jung moderated by Mick Wilson and Barbara Revelli watching over them

london may 2012 – 10


henk borgdorff and johan haarberg, the day before. Chelsea College od A&D building and david garcia, ruth mateus-berr and bill gaver.

london may 2012 -9


severall presentations from SHARE working groups.

london may 2012


afternoon workshop on typologies of research conducted by Andris Teikmanis and Márton Szentpéteri

yesterday’s intermezzo


waiting for the tram, 10AM. going to centro cultural de belem for a lecture on perspective in situ

london may 2012 -7


last day, afternoon. share conference. John Rajchman speaking

london may 6


dinner in a pub near the conference venue.

london may 2012 -5


the view from the tate modern restaurant where I dared to drink an espresso. lots of pressure behind me to get out of the place. I bought this sketch book in the store so I didn’t pay 16,5£ see Damien Hirst’s retrospective

frost art museum drawing project


Dear Friends I’m honoured to announce you that my work is part of the Frost Art Museum .

In my author’s statement I wrote: “Authorship in drawing is evident in two of its main attributes: calligraphy and point of view. Each author has his/her own unique way of tracing; and only one author can be in one exact place/time, drawing about what he or she is seeing. In both types of drawing I seek neutrality in order to underline the drawing itself.”

This is what I try to make specially in my airtravel/train drawings