usa trip – 1

from august 10th to september 3rd we travelled in the US. three weeks, around 150 sketches (134 digitalized), around 15 bowls of granola with yougurt ingurgitated, nearly 4000 miles driving, 6 states visited, 1 lake swimmed, 1 hurricane dodged and regrettably we met the kardashians some mornings in our kid’s tv set.

today i’m starting to post some of the drawings. I used a Derwent A4 sketchbook and a “Fabriano Classic Artist’s Journal” between A5 and A6.

paris - newark


2 Responses to “usa trip – 1”

  1. Pedro Says:

    Quite a program. I’m longing to see the other 134 sketches.

    • eduardocortereal Says:

      Olá Pedro,
      Tudo bem?
      Não vão ser publicados tantos. muitos são familiares e privados. Um abraço.

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