spring time in lisbon

Spring time in Lisbon is summer for others. Ulysses city dress herself (because Lisboa is a female) with Jacaranda flowers and bare shoulders young women. the tourists flare their smiles in the tram’s windows. we work – a lot – more hours than any other country in the eu. lower wages than most of them. yet, turning a corner we look at a soft Neptunian river, bluer than the sky, and we feel reconciled with the gift of existing here. I was born in Mafra and lived my childhood in Coimbra. For years and years I was homesick of the particular sad beauty of the lusa Athens. Wasted time. I’m a lisboner now, I must say. 
A video was released to remember the Finns who we were. a shameful inaccurate diatribe. the only thing the Finns need to know about us is that we are part of a union. that this is their country as much as santa claus’ premises, and its beautiful. 
yesterday, a quick 'bica' at the camoes kiosk

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