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design for social business conference

The past 17th to 19th of October I attended the first “design for social business conference” promoted by the gramen creative lab and the instituto europeo di design. It was a very interesting hard-working conference. Check the website: .

But before we (Susana and me) went to lake Como in a very adventurous trip. We lost our 8.00 flight from Lisbon to Milan and fortunately got one at 10.oo to Venice. From there we drove a rented cinquecento up to Bergamo (wonderful place) and finally arrived at Tarmezzo before the closing of a fine pizzeria.

The following day we crossed the lake to Bellagio (heavily touristic) and drove back to milan and had lunch in the way balancing over the lake.

the view from the hotel room, sunday morning

By eduardocortereal

eduardo corte-real is the author of "The Smooth Blog to Travel Drawing". He teaches Drawing at IADE - Universidade Europeia, Lisbon

2 replies on “design for social business conference”

Fantastic drawing,
Amazing how you can give such different expressions to the same white of the paper. One can feel the liquid surface of the lake, the rocky slopes of the mountains and the ethereal clouds with just a few lines. Congratulations and thak you for your continuous work.

Bellagio ao fundo e todas as recordações desse magnífico lago. Quanto a Bergamo uma cidade a não perder e aquelas ruazinhas da cidade velha são realmente um encanto e merecem um olhar atento!

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