italia mantova

disegni mantovani, 1996 – 18

I went to mantova to see the works of leon battista alberti and giulio romano. The city is extraordinarily Shakespearean. It is surrounded by three lakes: superiore, medio and yes inferiore. Jogging in the morning by the lungolago was a sublime experience. Fog semi covered the city and from the towers of the old gonzaga’s palace crows flew screaming. This is a city with no pigeons.

In this restaurant I ate spaghetti with donkey meat. Also a superlative experience. somehow i felt this apparent cruelty very stoft compared with the immaginable old fierce machieavellian rule of the state . Walking at night slightly drunk accompanied only by furtive shadows of capuletos a fell in in love with this almost forgotten city.

restaurant at the centre
restaurant at the centre

By eduardocortereal

eduardo corte-real is the author of "The Smooth Blog to Travel Drawing". He teaches Drawing at IADE - Universidade Europeia, Lisbon

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