brazil, the last one

Brasil …

We used to hate people talking about their trips in Brazil. They were so boring enthusiastic that we got nauseated.

Then I was invited for a conference in Rio and we decided to go. And since we decided to go we decided to stay for ten days.

Like most Portuguese I have family in Brasil, in Rio more precisely. They are the kind of people that get offended if we don’t stay with them.

We stayed at my cousin Murillo apartment. He is a Photographer, mostly Fashion and Advertising. We could se the Redentor from his balcony (the drawing was published in the book).

Rio is simply out of description. It is a cidade maravilhosa (the wonderful city) and beats any other natural scenery transformed by humans. Form the bookstores of Ipanema to the bondinho (tram) of Santa Teresa to the pick of Corcovado. We fell totally in love with the city (now, I’m getting nauseous). Rio is also a rough city and since we moved a lot by bus we sensed that. But the common people are incredibly warm, nice without subservience. No wonder that all second generation becomes Brazilian, totally Brazilian. Later I read “Carnaval de Fogo” by Ruy de Castro and found that being carioca is even a stronger spell. By the way, my hypothesis for the origin of the name Guanabara is “Água na Barra”. If you say: Há água na barra or “ eu vou aonde há água na barra” it becomes “eu vou háguanabarra”.

Murillo suggested that we should visit Paraty, a small colonial village in the south of the Baía de Angra dos Reis where one hundred islands made a convenient maze in troubled times. If Rio is the cidade maravilhosa, Paraty is the village maravilhosa. We rented a boat for a day just for us. We saw the big ones arriving with hords of tourists swelled by caipirinhas singing and decided to have our own boat with our own captain, Sidney.  

The islands are what you could expect from tropical islands sometimes with the densest of forest called mata atlântica.

We got back to in a regular bus and had the experience of arriving to Rio’s central station. When we arrive at Murillo’s a whole crew was there preparing a shooting session for Nike. Surrealistic!


Well this is it.

This blog will be closed until the 7th of September 2009

After longing so much for vacations here they are!

bye bye paraty
bye bye paraty