swiss tour – 34

When I’m thinking of van gogh’s live it always occurs to me a recipe for pork ears (it’s an appetizer):

Put to a boil two pork ears for 30 min  (two for reasons of symmetry) and put aside until they are cold.

On the side, in a stone bowl preferably, smash six cloves of garlic with two hands full of fresh coriander leafs with a pinch of sea salt.

grill or take to the oven the ears until some bits become black. After getting cold, slice the ears in rectangles of half a finger length. Mix with the coriander and garlic past in a deep dish.  cover generously with olive oil and not so generously with some vinegar. cover with a paper cloth and set aside for 24 hours in the fridge. Remix occasionally.

eat before lunch or dinner the next day.

van gogh's diaporama. basel kunst museum, june 2009
van gogh's diaporama. basel kunst museum, june 2009

By eduardocortereal

eduardo corte-real is the author of "The Smooth Blog to Travel Drawing". He teaches Drawing at IADE - Universidade Europeia, Lisbon

One reply on “swiss tour – 34”

Hello Professor,

Nice connection. Van Gogh and Pork ears.
After all drawing is not that diferent from cooking, once you find the right ingredients…
Thanks for the recipe.

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